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A software solution to run your free floating car or scooter sharing business. It provides everything you need from fleet tracking to customer management as well as mobile applications for your customers. Be ready for the next generation of vehicle renting.

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Use your smart phone. No member card required.

The fleetbird mobile application

The fleetbird mobile applications are native apps available for iOS & Android. They are the main component for your customers for keyless vehicle rental.


Step 1: Reserve

Find a vehicle within walking distance using the map. Once it is reserved it stays ready for 15 minutes to be opened. The reservation runs out automatically if the customer decides not to open it within the reservation time.

In addition to the map fleetbird provides a vehicle list with near by cars. It automatically detects the users location and presents vehicles within walking distance.


Step 2: Open

The customer can open reserved the vehicle with a single touch on their mobile phone after approaching it to at least 500 meters. The immobilizer will be deactivated and the doors or top case unlocks right away. The vehicle is now drivable.

All events from now on are tracked from here on out. Everything from opening doors to taking out the key and turning on the ignition will be saved and is available for data analysis.


Step 3: Return

After safely reaching the desired destination the trip will be ended using the app. Our system will detect if the vehicle has its key in place, all windows, doors and top cases closed and is positioned within the defined business area. What parameters will be checked on return of a vehicle can be easily configured in the fleetbird backend.

It is ready for the next rental.


Step 4: Follow up

Using your pricing model and the free credits on the customer account the system will calculate the final cost for the customer. Once the price has been calculated the customer will receive a branded mail containing all important trip information.

Native Android
Native iOS

Your fleet in full control.

Never loose track of your fleet.
Our fleet management system provides all important data about your vehicles. Check on the fuel level, view locations and receive a live update on your fleet. It is all available to you on our securely hosted cloud solution.

It features high reachability, security, and stability. We make sure your system is up and running.

The focus of our solutions is to provide user friendly processes needed for building a free floating sharing business. Simple tasks like vehicle tracking or business area definition and complex work flows like managing service & maintenance are already implemented and come with every server instance.


Lock & Unlock

Lock or unlock vehicles using our backend. The system provides immediate feedback if the locking or unlocking has been successful.


Mobilize & Immobilize

All vehicles are safely immobilized and are not drivable if not rented through our system. Activation of deactivation can be done with a single click with access to the backend.


Check Battery / Fuel Level

Receive a live update on the battery or fuel level of all vehicles. Optionally prevent the return of vehicles under a certain fuel or battery level.


Track Position

Finding a certain vehicle is easy. Just refresh the position and we will provide its current geo coordinates as well as its address.


Check Key, Doors & Windows

Make sure your vehicles are ready to be rented when the customer does so. Check remotely if keys are in place, all windows, doors & top cases are properly closed.


Easy Customer Management

From Registration to Payment.

Registration: Gaining new customers

We developed an easy registration process which allows you to gain new customers with a high conversion rate.å

Our responsive registration form is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop systems. It can be branded and integrated into your website. The registration process collects all important customer information like his account data as well as the address, contact and choice of payment. Your customers journey start right here.

User Rights

With a growing number of customers offering support 24 hours a day might become a challenge. Using the rights management you can set up what an employee is able to do or not. Weather he should be able to unlock vehicles, send out new passwords to customers, view invoices or just pull up the basic customer information: Its all in your control by assigning roles to each of your employees or external support agents.

Customer’s Member Area

Keeping up with all customer data changes & information requests has been made easy. Within the members area customers can simply change their personal data, login information, recover a password, view their trips or download their invoices on their own.

All data is properly checked before being saved into the system. That ensures the validation of payment data or new email addresses.

Support Handling

Build a great relationship with your customers. Set up a support team that answers all question about the customers personal data, reservations, trips, fees invoices and payments at any time.

The customer histories allow you to learn more about individual customer behavior. They can be rewarded with free driving credits or blocked from reserving more vehicles.

Drivers License Verification

To operate a motorized vehicle legally in most cases a valid drivers license is required. Checking if your customers have a valid drivers license is mandatory before allowing them to rent any vehicles.

Our software solution provides an image upload for the personal identification card as well as the drivers license up on customer registration. Once the images have been checked the customer will receive a verification successful email and is now able to start using your service.*

*The requirements for the drivers license check may vary by country and a different kind of drivers license check might be required.

Invoicing & Payment


Invoicing your customers has never been easier. All trips & fees of each customer will be collected and invoiced by the push of a button. The invoices are branded with your color, logo and wording and are automatically send out to the customers email address as PDF.

The price model will be set up to meet your requirements and is fully customizable. Use the driven distance, usage time, business area, type of vehicle or park time to calculate the price for each trip.

To be truly free in choosing the pricing system you are able to add custom fees to a customer account. This could be a registration fee, speeding ticket or any other fee you might charge to the customer.

Credit Card, Direct Debit & Payment Providers
Once the invoicing process has been completed it is time to transfer the money to your bank account. Our free floating system supports credit cards as well as debit cards. For security reasons we do not save the payment data of any customer. The payment data will be transferred directly to our payment partners during the customer registration. PayOne as well as stripe are currently supported and are conform to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

An open connection to third
party developers.

A system made for growth and flexibility. Build your own car sharing clients or connect partner applications using our simple REST API. Your developers will be able to use all functions needed to get your own services up & running.


Reliable Hardware

To provide the best service possible we rely on INVERS hardware. INVERS is the global market leader for InCar Technology and is used by hundreds of fleets totaling over 40,000 vehicles in 18 countries.

Build your own apps

Every customer is completely free in building their own mobile applications with our service. We offer you the same services as we are using to power our user friendly mobile apps. The API has been developed straight forward and is documented in detail.

Third party applications

Letting third-party meta apps use your car or scooter sharing service is part of the sharing community and brings new customers into the system. Giving access to external app providers is just as easy as it gets. Reserve, open and close all of your vehicles. Even in apps, you have not been writing yourself.

Customer Spotlight:
emmy Sharing

emmy establishes electric Scooters in Berlin by offering them in a free floating and short-term rental system. The user will be able to enjoy individual mobility without the quest for parking space and without CO2 or noise emissions.

The system works by localizing and unlocking the electric scooter through a smartphone application. The scooter is equipped with two helmets in different sizes and prices are considerably below our competitors in carsharing. All Scooters are equipped with exchangeable batteries. The emmy team, as well as our partners, will take care of the charging and battery swapping. As a result, users do not have to worry about the negative aspects of electric mobility such as battery/cable handling and charging times.

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